Pipe Threading Machine is specifically being designed for STEEL PIPE MILLS where the steel mills regularly requires to THREAD OUT the ends of steel pipes. Any successful steel mill must requires the continous flow of various functions & processes to be completed not only precisely but in time too. Among these different stages of steel pipe processing comes the tedious process of “THREADING” out the steel pipes and this is exactly where the  “UNITED LATHES INDIA” PIPE THREADING MACHINE has been serving the INDIAN STEEL PIPE MILLS exclusively since 1976.

The steel pipes are being clamped in the vice hydraulically and rest of the process of threading out the pipe is also controlled with hydraulics in fully automatic  mode  as  well as semi automatic mode depending upon user requirement. At the time of threading process, the clamped steel pipe remains stable/stationary while the steel pipe is being feed towards the  moving  Die-Head  and the chasers, which are placed in the Die-Head, cuts out the EXTERNAL THREADS on the surface of steel pipe ends.

There are various standards of THREADING, such as BSPT– British Standard Pipe Thread, NPT-National Pipe Thread, BSP– British Standard Pipe, Tapered Threads, Parallel Threads, Etc. All of these threading standards can be achieved by using our “UNITED LATHES INDIA” machine known as – “PIPE THREADING MACHINE“.

The following is the technical specifications of the Pipe threading Machine: