United Lathes India is the outcome of determination and disciplines to achieve a level of quality of its products which may gain your confidence by way of their engineering, workmanship & stringent quality controls.

ULI’s machines are engineered to precision, accuracy and perfection. Their performance is testimony of their durability and adherence to the international standards. By virtue of our established manufacturing organization, technical skills and through professionalism in all fields. Our patrons have recognized us out rightly.

About Management

Mr. Mandeep Singh, who happens to be the proprietor of the firm is managing as well as marketing all the products under Trademark as “ULI”. With the undeterred efforts and unmatched skills been utilized in manufacturing the Lathe Machines and Pipe Threading Machines for various kind of industries, today Mr. Mandeep Singh have achieved new heights of success in capturing a substantial rank in the market concerning industries related to Machine Tools and especially Pipe Mill Industry.  


Our factory is having adequate machines and measuring instruments to meet the quality requirements of our products. Regular upkeep of the machines and periodic calibration of the instruments by our small but skilled manpower has been the back bone and real asset of our company. It has enough floor space for future expansion.We have a robust, well-equipped manufacturing unit, managed by a crew of highly qualified and hardworking engineers who are frequently involved in upgrading of technology to keep up pace with the dynamic markets.


The management is also assisted by highly experienced & technically qualified professionals to give rise to proven quality. The management is dedicated to customer gratification through qualitative products and steadfast deliveries. The company since its initiation has enjoyed the reputation of giving quality products at modest rates. Our products are engineered to meet the international standards. We have our own fully equipped test center.